Taylor is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. She is also a USDF Judges L-program graduate.

Her passion for horses began at a young age, competing first in Hunters, and later Jumpers throughout her high school years. After graduation from Texas Tech University, Taylor began pursuing a professional career in dressage. 

Taylor started out as a working student in Texas quickly taking on the job as assistant trainer. After graduating from the USDF Judges L-program she jumped at the opportunity to train in Germany serving as head rider and barn manager with responsibility for over 30 horses. Germany was an invaluable experience which helped prepare Taylor to return to the United States and start her own training business.

Once returned to Texas, Taylor earned her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals and began teaching and training her own clients while working alongside Matt. Their teamwork has given her the opportunity and experience to work both ends of the training spectrum, spanning young horses to FEI. 

Some of Taylor’s career highlights include; selected in 2014 to be a Demonstration Rider for the Region 9 HDS Symposium with Christine Traurig and Lisa Wilcox at the Prix St George Level. In 2015, she was selected once again as a Demonstration Rider for the HDS Symposium with Conrad Schumacher at Training Level and was Open Training Level Reserve Champion for HDS. In 2016, Taylor competed in the Shoofly Farm CDI winning the Intermediate 1 (click here to read Eurodressage article).

In the fall of 2016, Taylor and Matt were given the opportunity to relocate their training business to Steffen and Shannon Peter's beautiful Arroyo Del Mar in San Diego, California. Taylor is passionately committed to the advancement of her professional and competitive career in dressage here in San Diego. She strives to produce both happy and confident horses as well as riders, by focusing on creating a positive learning experience through correct and progressive training. Taylor loves sharing her knowledge with students who have passion for dressage and welcomes your call!